Beaches near Ribarska Koliba

Numerous beaches in vicinity of Ribarska Koliba Resort

Havajsko Beach owns its name and great popularity to the waves, coming with strong Jugo that are flooding its coast. It is only around 50 meters long, but it is a place made in heaven for all sorts of tourists: elder, young adults, couples, and families with children. During the summer it is one of the most crowded public beaches. One can enjoy all sort of activities, such as swimming, diving, sunbathing or jumping from the nearby cliffs into the sea. It is a pebble beach with gradual entrance into the sea which is perfect for the small children who can enjoy their time in the shallow. The beauty of the beach is enchanting for every visitor, photographer, and adrenalin lover. There is also a lookout so everyone can enjoy the marvelous view over the entire coast. Perfectly crystal water provides easy insight into the deep sea levels where you can witness numerous varieties of fish and other sea life.

  • Type: pebble
  • Location: 1 km from RK
  • Suitable for: Families, youngsters
  • Facilities: outdoor changing cabins
  • Activities: diving, snorkeling

Just a 10 minute walk from Ribarska Koliba you will find yourself at one of the most famous Pula beaches, Ambrela beach. With incredibly clear water and gradual entrance into the sea, perfect for kids, you will be amazed how, even when it’s crowded, you can still feel perfectly calm, breathing in fresh, salty air and enjoying your summer vacation. But, if you find it too crowded, you can always rent a paddleboat, distance yourself from the shore, and just enjoy the perfect view of the open sea or have a coffe or a cocktail just above the beach.

  • Type: pebble, rocky
  • Location: 750m from RK
  • Suitable for: families with small children, elders
  • Facilities: toilets, outdoor changing cabins, lifeguard service, Lounge Bar, free parking nearby
  • Activities: paddleboats (rent), small floating aquapark (extra charge)

Saccorgiana beach, named after the cove of the same name, is very popular among youngsters because the Beach Bar Zeppelin, located just above the beach, offers a wide range of cocktails, drinks and weekly live music and/or DJ. It is mostly a pebble beach, surrounded by small cliffs from both sides. There is a plenty of shadow under the pine trees, and if you are an adrenalin lover and enjoy jumping into the sea, there is a small pier from which you can go on jumping all day long. Lots of shadow play, gradual entrance into the sea, and small playground are perfect for families with young children.

  • Type: pebble
  • Location: 500 m from RK
  • Suitable for: older people, families with children, youngsters
  • Facilities: Beach Bar Zeppelin, free parking nearby, toiletes, sunbeds for rent
  • Activities: small floating waterpark, mini-footbal playground, sand playground for kids, paddleboats

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