Olive oil tasting

Discover Istria, the beautiful Croatian region, through experience of authentic olive oil tasting

The Museum of olive oil in Pula offers unique and authentic olive oil tasting experience. You will get to know the story of olive growing in Istria, learn about particular aromas and tastes to look for, and amaze your senses with the most used cooking ingredient in the Mediterranean.

How to get from Ribarska Koliba Resort to the Museum of olive oil?

The Museum is located in the center of Pula and it is easily accessible by car, only a 10 minute ride from Ribarska Koliba. Our staff can organize a taxi transfer for you. After your visit ends, we can arrange a pick-up transfer for you and your family.

Duration of the visit to the Museum of olive oil

Visit duration depends on the program you choose and it could be one to three hours. In order to be comfortable and learn about the Istrian history of olive growing at your own pace, take at least half an hour, while olive oil tasting should take 60 to 90 minutes. Take some time in their nicely decorated shop to pamper yourself by choosing the perfect bottle of extra virgin olive oil, but also other top products such as Istrian pasta, grappa or truffles.

What to experience in the Museum of olive oil?

Reveal the secrets of olive processing from ancient Roman time up to present by visiting the Museum’s exhibition. You will have an exclusive opportunity to learn everything about this highly valued product with their audio-guide in 12 languages. Expand your knowledge with information about what olive oil roads are, where can you find them and about olive oil nutritional benefits.

Reward the hedonist in you and give olive oil tasting a try. It is a unique experience imbued with the finest Istrian flavors and aromas. Led by a trained expert, learn the proper way to taste olive oil and choose from a large selection of top quality Istrian extra virgin olive oils. Also learn how to differentiate quality olive oils from industrially produced and understand the difference in native cultivars like Istrian bjelica, buža, rosignola, leccino and žižolera.

Armed with new knowledge, you are ready for the last station of your olive oil adventure – tastefully designed shop. Pick between many local and world awarded olive oils, Istrian pasta, grappa, truffle products, lavender based cosmetics, unique souvenirs and jewelry made of olive wood. All of these are also great gifts to your friends and family.

Note: you can choose between three different programs – regular visit to the Museum with no tasting, “Green experience” which includes Museum and guided basic olive oil tasting or “Gold experience” including Museum, guided tasting with additional 5 top olive oils tasting and a surprise dessert. If you are a parent, leave your children entertained at the kids corner.

OIO VIVO extra virgin olive oil 

The largest Oio Vivo olive grove in Southern Istria is home to over 15000 olive trees that overlook the ancient city of Pula, the Brijuni archipelago and the medieval town of Vodnjan.

Plan your visit to Oio Vivo estate, where you will experience the enduring Istrian tradition of olive growing and unique moments of magical walk through the boundless “green sea”. If you would like to learn more about the olive oil production in Istria or become a skillful olive oil taster, you can take a part in one of the tasting programs

The gourmet shop at Oio Vivo is a real treasure for all the hedonists that love local products and want to bring the tastiest souvenir back home!

Reservations are necessary for tasting tours. info@oio-vivo.com

Oio Vivo website: https://oio-vivo.com/en/

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