When to Come

When and how to reach Ribarska Koliba Resort

The best time for your arrival depends on your preferences. Although winter is usually mild and sunny with occasional rain days, summer is more popular among tourists, but everyone can find something for themselves throughout the whole year.

Windy spring is ideal for sailing lovers. Besides, it is also great period for playing sports since temperatures are not too high and Istria offers various opportunities to engage in sports.

If you are traveling with your children, summer is the best season for you to come. Except for swimming and playing on the beach, there is a lot of other entertainment content and fun daily trips appropriate for children.

For adult couples the best time is September and October, which is the most active period. Normally, there are few families with kids, but also lots of active people who would like to experience events and nightlife. Usually, it’s a very busy period for hotels and restaurants. Also, the weather is great, it’s not hot at all, and the sea is warm. On the plus side, beaches are not that crowded in comparison with summer.

On the other hand, fall and winter are more suitable for people who are visiting the city for exploring the cultural heritage. Streets and monument areas are not overcrowded during this time of the year, so you are able to fully experience the sightseeing of Pula’s history.

How To come


  • In summer that’s not a big deal. Pula is connected with some bigger European cities..
  • In winter and off-season the flights to Pula are not that frequent, but you can always use a meta- search for flights and land on nearest airport.
  • TUI Airways


The train might be a solution, but remember that it can get you to Trieste and from there you would need to transfer to another train line or catch a bus or rent a car. Also, trains are not representing quite fast transport to destination.


If you dare, cycle from Trieste to Pula! We are looking for such people to be our brand ambassador. We support all fans of cycling!


The whole Istria, including the heartland, is very well connected by road. The main highway, so called Istrian Y, takes you to biggest Istrian cities. On your way to Pula you can take a rest at many rest areas with restaurants and cafés.


You can easily come to Pula by bus as bus lines are pretty frequent. Depending on the bus’ travel agency, you can travel by highway or through the villages while soaking up the nature of Istria.

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